Shabbat Learning

Torah Sparks Weekly Insert

This week’s Torah Sparks can be found here.

Torah Sparks is produced weekly for United Synagogue for Conservative Judaism by the Fuchsberg Jerusalem Center. Each issue of Torah Sparks has three sections:

  • Dvar Torah – Award-winning author of “If All the Seas Were Ink”, faculty member Ilana Kurshan, brings us Aggadic discussions tied to themes from the weekly Torah portion.
  • Table Talk – questions developed by faculty member Vered Hollander-Goldfarb to stimulate thinking and discussion on the Torah portion around the Shabbat table.
  • Dvar Haftarah – original interpretations on the weekly Haftarah by faculty member Bex Stern-Rosenblatt.

Torah Sparks is available as a weekly email (subscribe here) and as a blog on the Conservative Yeshiva website.