At Beth Abraham we are a community of communities, providing multiple ways for congregants to reach out and connect with each other. We connect through worship – actively participating in Shabbat, holidays and daily minyans – the only active daily minyan services in Dayton. We connect through food – nourishing our members each Shabbat morning with fellowship and a shared meal.  We connect through support – lovingly caring for our deceased loved ones, bringing them in dignity to their final resting place and then surrounding the family to ease their grief.  We connect through friendship – bringing women together in Sisterhood and men together in Men’s Club.  We connect through tikkun olam – gathering together to engage in actions that bring loving-kindness to those in need and that support greater justice in our society at large.  We connect through learning – ensuring that Torah continues to be a “tree of life” to our community.  We connect through tzedakah – generously providing ongoing, voluntary gifts of money, skills and time to strengthen our community and our world.  We connect through leadership – actively participating in our community as board and committee volunteers.  And on and on.  As our congregants connect with one another, they deepen their personal expression of Judaism and lead lives of meaning.   How grateful we are for the value that is added to our lives through our Beth Abraham connection!