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7/27/20 – In Search of Lost Time: Tisha b’Av a Story of Loss and Renewal – https://youtu.be/Xfg07B6bkUI

7/21/20 – John Lewis: Preacher to Chickens, Teacher to a Nation – https://youtu.be/gUOVtM4WlHg

7/14/20 – The Rothschilds: A Rags-to-Riches Tale of Innovation and Philanthropy – https://youtu.be/mhfNG9N1XwY

7/7/20 – One hand Washes the Other: Hand washing in the Jewish Tradition – https://youtu.be/EGT-7LMJkwg

6/29/20 – The Point of No Return – https://youtu.be/pJ9hANZmr8Q

6/23/20 – Judaism and Medicine – the Life and Legacy of the Pioneering Epidemiologist: Sir Waldemar Haffkine – https://youtu.be/Iju5937kaVQ

6/18/20 – Rachav – Wisdom and Faith of an Outsider: A Haftarah Commentary – https://youtu.be/zxbh176BHic

6/16/20 – Got Milk? – https://youtu.be/IazRSAHbl84

6/8/20 – Weary Throats Must Sing: Ani v’Atah – You and I can Change the World – https://youtu.be/S9eH9EXyRIw

6/1/20 – Let the Light Shine Through You – https://youtu.be/K4ymu2o_Yew

5/28/20 – Shavuot Yizkor Sermon: Firsts – https://youtu.be/mWQAtNDh_Is

5/27/20 – Philtrum: The Anatomy of Remembering Torah – https://youtu.be/LTtCjFRmL9A

5/24/20 – Let us Build this World with Kindness: A Shavuot Drasha – https://youtu.be/L-btI5dvF6k

5/20/20 – A Jerusalem of Gold Story for Yom Yerushalayim – https://youtu.be/_34mAlm-3Qc

5/18/20 – No One is Alone – https://youtu.be/Kqg-THMtmJE

5/13/20 – Ring the Bells That Still Can Ring – https://youtu.be/7ivhFlRnyaI

5/11/20 – We Shall be Released – https://youtu.be/qEX7TUmpEyU

5/5/20 – Kaddish in Crisis: From Cholera to Covid-19 – https://youtu.be/qKSeDgpL_hI

4/29/20 – Lo Avdah Tikvateinu: Undiminished Hope Celebrating Israel’s 72nd Birthday in the Time of COVID-19 – https://youtu.be/XDcii5NDDUo

4/27/2020 – There is Nothing New Under the Sun – https://youtu.be/drgkBXJjaAg

4/23/2020 – You Are Not Alone – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVVTk-h1YMs&authuser=0

4/20/2020 – A Yom HaShoah Story – Yisrael the Candy Man, is available at https://youtu.be/RkjRb_tFxQ8

4/14/2020 – Passover Yizkor Sermon: Then and Now – a meditation on the experience of how sometimes time collapses and past becomes present when we remember deep connections. is available at: https://youtu.be/FblvCjU6OJg

4/6/2020 – Pesach Message: The Eye of the Tiger – available at: https://youtu.be/32yX-LxLq54

4/1/2020 – It Could Always be Worse – A Yiddish Folk Tale – available at: https://youtu.be/_VcTGKKDous  

3/30/20 – Maimonides: Soul Health – A Video Message of Torah from Rabbi Ginsberg, is available at  https://youtu.be/SNV5HKIEvGY

3/25/20 – Gam Zeh Ya’avor – This Too Will Pass: A Video Message of Torah from Rabbi Ginsberg – is now available on YouTube by clicking this link: https://youtu.be/7dgSCOTIG40

Sound files

8/7/20 – Dvar Torah for Parashat Eikev: Mechayei HaMeitim, How Resurrection of the Dead Brought Hope Back to Life
7/31/20 – Dvar Torah For Parashat Vaetchanan: Can You Hear Me, the Sacred Art of Listening
7/24/20 – Parashat D’varim, Shabbat Chazon – a 2020 Vision: Lessons from Rabbi Yochanan Ben Zakkai for America
7/17/20 – Parashat Matot-Ma’asei: Baseball Still Matters – Perseverance, Solidarity, and Jewish Dreams
7/10/20 – Dvar Torah for Parashat Pinchas: Uganda and the Abayudaya, A Jewish Story
7/3/20 – Dvar Torah for Chukat/Balak: Chukim, the Statutes of Judaism, and the Importance of Emotional Intelligence
6/26/20 – Dvar Torah Parashat Korach: Disagreement for The Sake of Heaven, The Jewish Art of Constructive Conflict and Healthy Debate
6/19/20 – Dvar Torah for Parashat Shelach Lecha: There are Giants but we are NOT Grasshoppers
6/12/20 – Dvar Torah for Parashat Beha’alotcha: The Color of Love
6/5/20 – Dvar Torah for Parashat Naso: Pained Breaths
5/22/20 – Dvar Torah for Parashat Bamidbar: Who’s Packing Your Parachute
5/15/20 – Dvar Torah Behar-Bechukotai: Proclaim Liberty and its Limits Throughout the Land
5/8/20 – Dvar Torah for Shabbat Emor: How Will We Emerge From The Cave?
4/24/20 – Dvar Torah for Tazriah Metsorah/Yom HaAtzmaut
4/17/20 – Dvar Torah on Parashat Shemini and Yom HaShoah with musical selections
4/3/20 – Dvar Torah Tzav/Shabbat HaGadol – Resilience
3/27/20 – Dvar Torah Vayikra – Living in a Time of Fear and Uncertainity
3/20/20 – Dvar Torah Vayekhel-Pekudei – Stories of Resilience

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Rabbi’s Column for the April Bulletin

Fri. Mar 13: Shabbat Meditation for Parashat Ki Tisa

Mon. Mar 16: A Message and Prayer of Hope