Individualized/Self-Paced Hebrew Program

The Beth Abraham Center for Jewish Learning offers Hebrew instruction tailored to your child’s needs and capabilities. Hebrew is introduced to the youngest members of the learning community orally and aurally, by teaching simple Hebrew vocabulary via prayer, songs, stories and games in order to attune the children’s ears to the sounds of the language. Children are also introduced to the written letters of the Alef-Bet using the “Alef Champ Program”, brought to us by Chabad of Greater Dayton.

The focus of the Hebrew learning program in the elementary grades is the mastery of prayer book Hebrew. The goals of this program are to teach Hebrew decoding skills, recognition of key words and concepts found in the prayer book, an understanding of the themes of a variety of prayers and reading fluency.  Beginning Hebrew students will move through a Hebrew primer with a teacher, at a pace that is comfortable for the student. In addition to the text, students will have access to an interactive CD that can be used in class or at home to reinforce their learning. By the end of the 3rd grade, most children will be able to decode the Hebrew and read with rudimentary fluency. Those students who are able to complete the decoding stage before the end of the school year will begin their study of individual Hebrew prayers, emphasizing not only reading fluency, but being able to recognize key words and grammatical structures, explain the theme of each prayer, identify where the prayer occurs in the service and if there is “choreography” associated with the prayer. Students at this level and upward will be assessed and individual learning plans will be determined based on ability or pace of learning. Students must complete the goals outlined for them before continuing to the next level. For students that move along at a quicker pace, they have the option of spending time on Hebrew enrichment via independent conversational Hebrew study, utilizing engaging, colorful booklets and an interactive CD.